Simple Distractions Can Sometimes Make all the Difference in the World

Every now and then we’ll get a great story from one of our partners who happened to be out in public. Mary is a wonderful partner who is one of the best possible examples of someone who can easily make any environment more welcoming. She sent us her story of a time she was in an electronics department store.

We hope you enjoy the story as much as we did!

–The Wakanheza Project team


“My husband and I were in Best Buy.  I saw a darling little girl between 2 and 3 with her Dad.

Later we were in another part of the store and I hear a very loud scream.  One I have heard before.  It was not one of pain but of anger.  I told my husband that I was going to investigate and try to use my Wakanheza skills.  I saw this darling little girl laying down in a aisle kicking off her boots, throwing off her coat and hat while screaming.

I looked in my purse and saw a cute tissue package with flowers on the tissue.

I asked her Dad if I could give her the tissue package. (Probably one would have worked)

He said yes.  She immediately stopped crying took the package ran to her Dad.  He picked her up with a hug and kiss.  Later, I saw her dabbing her face with a tissue.  Before, we left she was arranging tissues on the floor while Dad made his purchase.  He said thank you.



2 comments to Simple Distractions Can Sometimes Make all the Difference in the World

  • Great story! thanks for passing it on.

  • Christine Dodge

    Great suggestion! Often if I come across a distressed child in a public place I will go out of my way to make eye contact with upset child, smile and try to make conversation, it often works, at least for a bit!

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